Obsidian Material

Pricing for Obsidian Lab Services:

$129 per full contour crown, veneer, inlay, or onlay.

Obsidian material for $119 per unit. The material is similar to common applications of E-Max materials.

Working time in the lab is 5 days. We ship via USPS and/or UPS, whichever you prefer.

If additional shipping labels, order forms, or shipping packages are needed, just request additional supplies through email or make a note on a lab slip and these will be sent to you.

Please contact the lab with any additional questions or requests.

Obsidian is a monolithic glass ceramic material with true-to-life translucency and esthetics.

  • Recommended for crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays.

For this patient, the PFMs on #7 & #8 were deteriorating due to tooth decay and were replaced by Obsidian crowns and Obsidian Veneers were placed on teeth #9 & #10 to improve overall symmetry.

Additional shade layering instructions or guides may either be attached to online order, or sent to business email: integritydentalstudio@outlook.com