Full Contour Zirconia Bridges

Pricing for Lab Services:

$109 per crown unit + shipping
$109 per bridge unit + shipping

Working time in the lab is 5 days. We ship via USPS and/or UPS, whichever you prefer.

If additional shipping labels, order forms, or shipping packages are needed, just request additional supplies through email or make a note on a lab slip and these will be sent to you.

Please contact the lab with any additional questions or requests.

Full Contour Zirconia Bridges are Bridges made from “Bruxzir®NOW” material.  This is a fully sintered zirconia material that is digitally designed and milled in the lab and then sent to offices for seating.

  • Recommended for permanent anterior and posterior 3- to 4-unit bridges
  • Cases with Iimited interocclusal space and Restorations with < 1 mm margin thickness
  • Flexural strength: > 1,000 MPa
  • Available shading comes in 6 VITA® Classical Shades: A1, A2, A3, B1, C2 and D2

This patient’s failing restorations for teeth #18–20 were replaced with a high-strength, BruxZir bridge.

Bruxzir® Bridge fabricated for teeth #18-20 in A3 shade

Upon request, additional staining and characterization may be performed to a restoration such as staining occlusal surface, adding multi-toned coloration to a surface, or for specific aesthetic characterization such as “craze lines” or “frosty white” accents.

For more detailed characterization, please send Reference photos to: integritydentalstudio@outlook.com with the patient’s name and any additional instructions.

  • $109 per bridge unit + shipping